World Missions Representatives are considered the “oil” that helps turn the wheels of World Missions.

Working under the direction of the assistant director of World Missions, Dr. M. Thomas Propes, missions representatives serve as liaisons to states assigned by the World Missions leadership. They conduct services, seminars, conventions, and conferences in local Church of God churches for the purpose of missions awareness, education and/or fund raising. Each representative spends his time and effort working within his assigned state.

At the heart of the assigned missions representative is the desire to help the local congregation achieve its goals in spreading the Good News of the Gospel. Several key representatives are as follows:

Terrell Brinson is liaison to Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California/Nevada, DelMarVA-DC, Heartland, Mississippi, New York, Pacific Northwest, and Tennessee. Terrell is not only a seasoned rep, but a creative one.

Newcomer to the World Missions representatives team this Assembly term is Thomas Gillum, former overseer of South Carolina. His areas of oversight include: E. North Carolina, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, N. Central Region, N. Georgia, New Jersey, N. New England, Ohio, Rocky Mountain Region, Virginia, W. North Carolina, and West Virginia.

Embarking on his second term with World Missions is Martin Taylor who leads the way for missions awareness in the states of Florida/Cocoa and Tampa, Great Lakes Region, Michigan, Midlands, Missouri, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, S. Georgia, S. New England, and Texas.

Rounding out the team are the associate missions representatives that include James D. Jenkins, Ron Martin, Aubrey Maye, Ben McGlamery, David Mills, Osborn Ramkissoon, Ray Sanders, and Harvey Turner. World Missions also has several associate representatives at large who have helped carve the path of impassioned liaisons: Bob Daugherty, Charles Duncan, and Don Stovall.

World Missions is proud to work with such accomplished men as those afore named. Each individual brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his assignment. Their hearts have been captured by a renewed vision to reach lost souls for Jesus Christ around the globe and are diligent in their pursuit. Missions reps are eager and willing to assist any endeavor for missions emphases, especially for local churches.