Andrew and Jacki Quinley are passionate about reaching the youth of Thailand. In a nation where less than one percent of the population claims to believe in Jesus, they understand the importance of empowering young Christians and reaching Thais while they are still searching. Through genuine relationships with nearby university students, they help disciple new Christians and introduce others to Jesus.

Based in the city of Chiang Rai, the Quinleys believe in hands-on ministry. They seek connection with the Thai people, a generally reserved culture. This connection allows Andrew and Jacki to fellowship and share the message of Christ in a real and honest way.

They served on the initial staff that launched MediaLight, a training center for Asian leaders in the areas of leadership, discipleship, and media. The Quinleys believe that to reach the next generation, today’s pastors, prophets, and evangelists must become skilled at using all the modern forms of communication to make the greatest impact.

Andrew is the son of Chuck and Sherry Quinley, also Church of God missionaries, and has lived outside the United States his entire life. He and Jacki met at Lee University, where they soon married before heading off to Thailand as missionaries.

Project #: 065-0866

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