Bob and Caroline Schmidt have been married for 32 years, and are the parents of 3 grown children. Both Bob and Caroline accepted Christ at a Christian Servicemen’s Center while Bob was serving in the military in the U.K. Feeling called to full time ministry they got out of the military after 15 years and began pastoring. They pastored in North and South Dakota, Oregon and Texas; while serving in Texas they felt called to the mission field.

After being accepted as missionaries by the Church of God Missions Department they resigned their pastorate and they began their fund raising. Raising the initial required amount took them almost a year and a half, but the Lord provided. Once on the mission field in Romania Bob assisted in training Romanian pastors, taught at the regional Romanian bible college, and travelled Romania speaking at churches. During this time they also travelled to other Easter and Western European countries and taught and preached.

Four years ago they began their work with the Church of God Chaplaincy and Care Center. They finished the construction of the facility, and worked as the directors of the center. During this time they also travelled throughout Europe and in Africa and taught chaplaincy classes, and began their work with the Roma (gypsy) people. In 2010 they began the Roma Church of God, with an 8 churches.  They are now working towards the construction of a bible/vocational educational center specifically for the Roma people who suffer from 80% illiteracy and 70% unemployment across Europe.

Project #: 065-0488

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