Casa de Amor was founded in 2000, when Cary and Madeline Metts began to pray about an outreach ministry for their church to support. It began with a $1,000 contribution and has since touched the lives of hundreds of children.  Recently through funds provided by South Georgia Church of God YWEA, the orphanage was able to purchase land for permanent structure adjacent to the Tacachico Church of God.

Roxanna Peraza serves as the director of the orphanage.  The ministry is being expanded as the Lord provides the resources.  The opportunities for serving children in this region are endless. The focus at this moment is sustaining care for the current children physically, socially, educationally, and spiritually as they are being transitioned to the new community and setting.  The building of the permanent home will provide great opportunity for growth.

Project #: 132-3050

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