Child of Purpose Children’s Village started when missionaries from Restoration International Outreach (RIO) Churches of God in Tennessee were sent to Croix de Bouquet, Haiti, to plant churches in 2009. Two weeks after their arrival, an orphanage down the street from the missionaries’ residence closed, turning 28 children onto the street. The couple immediately took 14 children into their home.  A few short weeks later, the 2010 earthquake devastated the country, deepening the vulnerability of children.

Some 380,000 remain displaced and highly vulnerable because of the earthquake.  Support from the U.S. erected emergency facilities for these children as the number decreased to 28. These orphans are at-risk for human trafficking, exploitation, abuse, and increased risk of HIV/AIDS. Child of Purpose Children’s Village is a frontline rescue ministry for children coming from the dire circumstances.

Director: Amanda Armstrong

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