Dennis and Denie Heppner and their four children came to the Philippines in 1987. They founded Gentle Hands Ministry as a ministry to urban poor women and children in Metro Manila, Philippines. From 1990 to 2005, over 6,000 babies were born under Denie’s leadership of a team of midwives and nurses.

Gentle Hands is currently led by their daughter, Charity and her husband, Evan Graff, and has expanded and evolved into 3 child-rescue centers for holistic care and healing of abandoned, abused, and sick children of all ages. In 2002, the Heppners also established a new orphanage in South India under local Indian leadership.

Dennis’s primary focus has been developing pastors and leadership in Asia. He founded a ministry called Developing Effective Leaders (D.E.L.), which provides frequent training to 500 pastors in the Philippines. He and Denie and their son Jonathan and his wife Tracey planted a church in Makati in 1998 where Dennis still serves as senior pastor. This church is growing and thriving with an average of about 500 converts a year. There are 5 new “start-up” church plants in Metro Manila at this time (2018).  The mother church has sent missionaries to Thailand, Malaysia, Mongolia, and China, as well as to other areas in the Philippines.

Dennis and Denie have written several books and training materials over the years. One book, “Doorway to the Supernatural” is about the baptism of the Holy Spirit. It has been translated into six languages and is incredibly effective in bringing people deeper into the realm of the Holy Spirit walk of faith and power.

Dennis’ first trip to India was in 1979, and he has had a continuous ministry there since. For a number of years he was the Superintendent of COG there and still preaches at conventions and trains pastors every year.

Dennis and Denie’s long-term appointment as Missionary Evangelists to Asia by the World Missions Board continues and they have no plans to retire any time soon!  Their burden remains the same and is the mission of their church and their other ministries. “Win Souls, Make Disciples, Build Leaders, Reach the World.” They are thankful to be part of God’s missionary army, and have never been sorry they came to Asia.

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