In August of 2018, Dennis and Vanna Tanner will celebrate 10 years of ministry as Church of God appointed career cross-cultural missionaries sharing and guarding the light of the gospel in Scotland.

In 2002, Church of God World missions appointed the Tanners as the Cross Cultural Coordinators to Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg).  During their time in Benelux the Tanners worked with English speaking, non-indigenous people groups from Romania, Poland, Brazil, Nigeria, and Ghana. Their ministry as guardians of the light focused on training, discipleship, church planting, and establishing a training center in Rotterdam.

In 2008 at the General Assembly of the Church of God in San Antonio, Texas, the Tanners were asked to go to Scotland where Dennis was appointed as the Administrative Bishop. There were five Church of God congregations of less than 200 members and only seven ministers when they arrived in Scotland for the first ministers meeting in October of 2008. In 2018 there are now 15 churches, over 600 members and 29 licensed ministers.

The Tanners say, “It is not enough to build a building, start a school, or finance an orphanage if we do not have contingency plans to maintain the ministry and guard the light to make sure the effectiveness does not dim or go out in the years to come.” A lighthouse without a guardian of the light will not be effective and result in the loss of life and property.

As  guardians of the light, the Tanners’ vision remains constant: “reach the lost, disciple and train new Christians, develop leaders and plant churches among the displaced persons, and provide and maintain a guiding light to help people find the safety of eternal life”

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