India is home to the largest child population in the world. Unfortunately, the many children who live in India find themselves forfeiting an education so they can go to work and earn money. Health is also a struggle. Even though the country hosts the most children in the world, roughly 2 million do not live to the age of 5. For the ones who do, about 40% will suffer from malnutrition.

Destiny Village was created to combat the exploitations that children in India are often subject to and to provide access to a more secure life. Beginning in a church building in 2004, Destiny Village consisted of very few children. A new facility with the capacity to hold 108 children was built in 2005.

Even with the room to house the children, funding is needed to sustain and support those who come into Destiny Village’s care. Your donation will help provide a safe space, health, education, and faith to the children of India.

Project #: 102-4035

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