Destiny Village began as an outreach of Potter’s House Church of God, Columbus, Ohio.  Pastor Tim Oldfield and Church Missions Director Rick Alford have worked with the project since the founding of the orphanage over 10 years ago. Destiny Village is located just outside of St. Marc in the small village of Pierre Payen.  The site of the orphanage is picturesque and tranquil, sitting on the shoreline; however, beyond the gates is the horrible reality of one of the poorest nations on the planet.

In interviews, many of the children speak of their lives before Destiny Village, “I would go several days without food.” The 43 children who are currently being served, have come to Destiny Village from across Haiti. The threats of disease and violence are constant, but the orphanage staff does incredible work with the children.

Bro. Alford is the missions director and Heather Rodgers is the onsite director for Destiny Village. The children are educated locally in the village, they attend a local church, and education is based on a level system for older children providing mentoring and peer leadership roles. Destiny Village is also working with long-term residents to transition them into adult roles through education and vocational training.

Director: Rick Alford, Heather Rodgers

Project #: 102-5049

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