Don and Chryssie had always felt the call to serve in missions. In 1983 they answered a call from God to translate Bibles and joined  with Wycliffe Bible Translators. They began their ministry in Kenya. The McBrayers were given an officialy World Missions appointment in 1988. In 2000, they accepted a Church of God assignment to translate Bibles into Quichua dialects in Ecuador. However, since Wycliffe had previously been expelled from Ecuador the McBrayers resigned from Wycliffe and became official Church of God missionaries in Ecuador.

There are two major thrusts to the work Don and Chryssie are doing in Ecuador. First is to open the Church of God work among the Shuar Indians. Second is to help the National Overseer to organize the combined Hispanic and Quichua Indian works.

Don is movitated to connect missions-minded churches in the States with the hard working national workers of Ecuador. This could have a multiplying effect in the kingdom work. The younger national workers will continue on the great work of the Church of God for many years and Don desires to assist and inspire their work.

Chryssie has a great desire to help others in countries that are less fortunate. She believes that the Pentecostal faith needs to be preached to all people, especially in the country of Ecuador and among the Shuar and Quichua Indians.

Project #: 060-0029

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