Somewhere tonight in Europe, a child will go to sleep hungry. This same child has not been afforded the opportunity to receive proper nutrition, healthcare, a quality education, or even been introduced to the good news of Jesus Christ. 

Europe’s Child Missions, led by missionary Don R. Chavis, is working diligently to reverse this crisis by providing humanitarian aid, vitamins, hygiene, and other assistance. One of their avenues for ministry is providing youth camps for kids across Europe. God has called them to illuminate the light of the gospel in dark places where these children are hidden in the shadows. They are endeavoring to provide outlets of ministry that will present the Word of God and introduce children to Jesus Christ. They also partner with other ministries to help establish opportunities of ministry through worship and leadership training in cities and village across Europe. Their motto is, “together, we can change a generation, one child at a time.”

“Those who oppress the poor, insult their maker, But those who are kind to the needy honor God,” Proverbs 14:31.

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