Luis and Carmen Solis have served as missionaries in the south of Spain and Northern Africa since 1990. They are originally from Argentina, where their family has been Church of God for generations, and began their ministry with Church of God World Missions COG in the 1980s.

Luis is a medical doctor, specializing in internal medicine, with training and wide experience in critical care and emergency medicine. He is the coordinator of Comprehensive Health and Development Programs in disadvantaged areas from Northern Africa, closely related to regional Hospitals with health-care functions and educational tutor of postgraduate Family Doctors in training from HUCE in the Srait of Gibraltar. Commissioned by Spain as an expert of health programs and international cooperation in South Asia (2001-2002). His professional training was complemented with a Master in Missions, theological formation, investigator and expert in the field of anthropology, sociology and migratory movements from Africa-Middle East-Europe. Founder of the Health Foundation with Global Impact that is dedicated to the formation of integral ministries. He carries out educational activities in the Church in Spain and is committed to the unreached villages from the Mediterranean.

Determined to the design of comprehensive cooperation programs between Latin America, Europe and the Mediterranean culture. In the last year mainly dedicated to inform, disseminate and motivate the church, especially the youth, on new models and opportunities to influence and transform the culture of the XXI century. His history, training, life experience has enabled him to pass on his knowledge to the youth of his generation.

In 2011 he was recognized and decorated by the Spanish Ministry of Defense with a white cross, for merits, works, actions, facts and distinguished services in Northern Africa.

Offers seminars integrating medical science and biblical theology. Speaker and lecturer on relevant and current topics, such as: The phenomenon of immigration, ageing, demographic crisis of the West. Crisis of values. New family models. Vocation, profession and ministry. Review of the secular and sacred concept. Mission models and social impact. Health, spirituality and social relationships. European Mission 2050.

Luis and Carmen have three children: Gustavo, Romina, and Jorge; a daughter-in-law Carissa;  and two grandchildren: Violeta and Julieta, living in Chicago.

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