Dufaily Orphanage developed after the 2010 Haiti Earthquake when the deaths of thousands of parents left many orphans. The orphanage is in a rural mountain region about 15 minutes from the city of Mirebalais, approximately 1.5 hours from Port-au-Prince. It is adjacent to the Duffaily Church of God. The pastor and his wife live on the compound. The facility was constructed by work teams of Men and Women of Action (MWOA) as a project of Women With A Mission. A well and generator are used to provide water and electricity to the remote location.

In addition to serving the orphans of the community, the compound and the church serve as a school for the rural community. MWOA teams have continued work within the compound to complete kitchen facilities and the school. The facility provides care for the orphans and the only hope for an education for the children of the mountain community.

Project #: 715-0134

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