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Emily Green Yamazaki

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Emily graduated from Lee University in 2006 with a degree in Intercultural Studies.

Since then, she has spent five years working as an English teacher in Thailand. In that time, she learned the language and found that she loved the people and their culture. Emily started attending a Thai church in 2009 and quickly became involved in ministry there. She joined the missionary team and worked with children’s ministry, mid-week cell group (Bible study) and teaching English classes for students in the community. In April 2012, Emily answered the call to full-time missions work at her church.

The church is located in a government-subsidized housing area in the heart of Bangkok. Children roam the streets after school or spend hours at local Internet cafes playing violent video games and surfing the web unsupervised. These kids need a safe place to play and be loved. The church is working to combat this problem by offering Sunday school and English classes. The church is available on certain days for kids to play games and eat snacks. All of the children in Sunday school come from unchurched families who view the classes as free babysitting, but Emily and the church view it as an opportunity to share the gospel and an opportunity to be Jesus’ hands and feet to at-risk children.

As a result of globalization, English is an invaluable kingdom tool. People in Asia know if they have strong English skills, they can get better-paying jobs. Thai people are extremely interested in studying English. Offering inexpensive classes with native speakers has proven to be an effective evangelism strategy. Along with teaching English, the church hosts frequent outreach events for students and their families. Some students begin attending Sunday school or cell groups after attending English classes. One young woman gave her life to Christ. She came to church to study English, but she left with new hope and new life in Jesus.

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