Everaldo and Lydia Nascimento met in Brazil, where Lydia’s parents served for 12 years as COG missionaries and Everaldo received Christ in a local COG congregation. They both felt a burden for Africa, particularly the Muslim population of the continent, from a young age. In 2016, they spent their internship year ministering to the 95% Muslim population of Senegal in West Africa. Through soccer ministry and English classes, they were able to make an impact on the youth and lead 6 Muslims to Christ. During this internship, the Lord brought to their attention the need in the neighboring country of Guinea-Bissau, where the Church of God had never been established.

Everaldo and Lydia, along with their children Kairo, Kimberly and Karissa, are now serving full-time in Guinea-Bissau. This former Portuguese colony, with a population near 2 million, offers little access to quality education and health care and has been the victim of much political instability. There is a quickly-growing Muslim population that has recently surged to around 50% of the population. Around 30% of the population still practice tribal, animistic religions. In this political, social and religious milieu, the Nascimento family is planting the first-ever Church of God congregation. They are also serving through soccer and educational ministries.

As the church-planting work encroaches upon the spiritual territory of local jambacus,or spirit mediums, spiritual warfare has been intense, but the name of Jesus is being glorified! Locals testify that before the church was planted, at least one person would die every month as the result of the witchcraft of local jambacus. By God’s glory, these deaths have ceased! Access to clean water has long been a challenge for this community in the capital city of Bissau, as it is for much of the country.  Community members would walk for miles to find water. Three attempts to dig wells in the area had come up dry. The Nascimentos felt led to have a well dug, and miraculously found water! The Living Water is being shared in Guinea-Bissau! New converts are being baptized and leaders are being raised up for the Church! Please partner with us in this pioneering mission!

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