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Grace Orphanage

Seeta, Uganda

Grace picGrace Orphanage in Seeta, Uganda, is an oasis of hope for children who have known nothing but war, disease, and abuse. The atrocities toward children of this region are almost beyond comprehension. Thousands of children were abducted and recruited for the Lord’s Resistance Army; others face extreme poverty, malaria, and AIDS.  It is estimated that Uganda has 3.5 million children orphaned from AIDS alone.


With only a 2,000-square-feet home, a Church of God pastor opened Grace as a place of compassion and care for 50 children.  Electricity and cooking appliances have been added, but much more needs to be done. You can be part of the solution.



World Mission’s Project Number: 102-4016

Director: Joseph Kagarama

Number of children served: 65