Dr. Silvina González-Barrera, a native of Uruguay in Latin America, is an ordained minister in the Church of God and medical missionary to Latin America. She is a world traveler, integrating medical missions as a physician, preacher, conference speaker, musician, and theological educator. She obtained her medical degree in Uruguay in 1996 and her Master of Divinity degree from the Pentecostal Theological Seminary in Cleveland, Tennessee, in 2002. She returned to her country under appointment as the Church of God’s first female in South America to be appointed as the National Theological Education Director. In January 2005, Dr. González resigned her position to devote herself entirely to Dunamis Medical Missions Ministry, reaching out to Latin American countries and providing free medical care and supporting local churches in their evangelistic efforts. In 2006, Dr. González was chosen as the Pentecostal Theological Seminary’s Alumna of the Year.

Psych. Guillermo Barrera was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He is an ordained bishop of the Church of God, psychologist missionary to Latin America.  He is a graduate of the Baptist International Theological Seminary in Buenos Aires. After he was baptized with the Holy Spirit in 1984, he became part of the leadership team renovating the Baptist Church in Argentina.  He graduated from John F. Kennedy University in Buenos Aires in 1989 with a degree in Clinical Psychology. At the same time, he graduated from the John F. Kennedy University in Buenos Aires in 1989, being a Clinical Psychologist. Guillermo comes from a family of professionals dedicated to mental health, in the area of psychiatry, music therapy psychology, and teaching in hospitals and universities of the Argentina Republic. His professional and ministerial formation allows him to be a consultant for pastors and evangelical leaders, and he offers counseling, training, and professional assistance. He is an international conference speaker and teacher and has shared the gospel across four continents. Silvina and Guillermo are ministers and missionaries of the Church of God seeing the human being in an integral way: spirit, soul, and body (1 Thessalonians 5:23). Together they travel through the countries of Latin America, helping the pastoral families: pastoral marriages, children of pastors and supporting the leaders of Latin America, giving lectures on prevention and medical, psychological, spiritual help, theological education, social assistance to the in need in times of crisis.

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