Since 1994, Dr. Jeff and Carolyn Chapman EMT-P have led nearly 100 short-term medical mission trips in 37 countries. They started His Healing Touch Ministries in 2005 to work with volunteer physicians, dentists, nurses, and medical personnel to provide basic medical, dental, and optical care in poverty stricken areas of the world. They train non-medical trip participants to properly diagnose and fit eyeglasses.

Their future goals are to continue several medical mission trips each year, train young people to be future medical missionaries, and work with local medical teams to establish permanent medical and eyeglass clinics overseas. In their Michigan warehouse, they store supplies and over 100,000 eyeglasses for their trips, and also train and supply other mission groups for medical missions.

Rather than being called medical missionaries, Dr. Jeff and Carolyn prefer to be called medical evangelists. All of their services are offered free of charge. Lastly, in the Clinic of the Soul, local church leaders offer counseling, comfort, prayer, the message of the gospel, and the greatest of the free gifts—salvation!

Dr. Jeff and Carolyn believe the Lord gives each of us a multitude of talents throughout our lives, and it is up to us to use these talents to do what Jesus did—heal the sick and blind, help the lame, and share the gospel message! They invite anyone, medical or non-medical, to join them on their trips.

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