Israel and Debbie Minay are seasoned missionaries with a strong missionary/church planting heritage. Their work has spanned three continents and four different people groups/religions, giving them a wide scope of missionary experience. 

The Minays began their ministry in the United States as church planters within the Hispanic community. Their first World Missions assignment was to Chile, South America, as national education director. For ten years, they worked on training leaders and establishing a model church among the middle class of that country.

Subsequently, this dedicated couple turned their hearts toward the unreached people groups of Cambodia and Albania. In Cambodia, their efforts were mainly humanitarian in nature, and in Albania, they assisted with leadership development. 

Later, as part of a new thrust of church multiplication in South America, the Minays returned to Chile and helped establish five new churches within a five-year span.     

Most recently, as a result of the Finish Commitment challenge set forth at the 76th General Assembly, Israel and Debbie have once again turned their hearts toward the unreached people of Cambodia. 

When asked about their decision to return to Asia, the Minays said this: “Sharing the love of Jesus Christ with people who have never heard the gospel is one of the most fulfilling undertakings we have been part of. The immediate transformation see take place when they accept Jesus as their personal savior, is a vivid reminder of the power of God unto Salvation. If we have been entrusted with the most powerful life-changing message of love and hope these people will ever hear, how can we not go and share it?”

Israel and Debbie Minay have been assigned by Church of God World Mission to mentor and equip a new generation of leaders who will take this great message to the unreached of Cambodia. They need your prayers!

Project #: 060-0096

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