John and Lynnette Garrison began their ministry working in North American Disaster Relief, responding to many hurricane, tornado, fire and flooding disasters, which has also turned into working with International Disaster Relief programs in Haiti, Brazil, Barbuda, Ecuador, construction of a refugee camp in Greece, and working at an emergency field hospital in Iraq.

Through these disaster and rebuild responses we have been given many opportunities to share the gospel to both needy and hurting people, and to be a part of leading sinners to Christ. Missions work has become our primary goal in life, helping those in need, both spiritually and physically with their many needs.

We have also participated in many other ministry opportunities while helping those in need such as a orphanage construction project in Haiti, hospital revitalization in Nigeria, ministry camp revitalization in Alaska where Operation Heal our Patriot (OHOP) is changing veterans and their families lives, youth center and church constructions in Alaska, working in Kenya at a Christian University, working at a safe house for girls in Colombia and assisting with their new school construction.

While working at a Christian Youth Camp in the Andes Mountains of Bolivia during 2013, we felt that the Lord was moving us to surrender completely, by going into full-time missions work, and during the summer of 2014 while working on a rain water catchment project in the Amazon Jungle basin of Bolivia we answered that call.

By the winter of 2014 we founded our own 501(c)(3) public charity called Just Like God Missions, what a blessing that was on how the Lord worked to make that happen. In March of 2015 we were accepted as Short-Term missionaries with World Missions, and have since been accepted as Associate Missionaries.

During 2016 while working at Casa Shalom Orphanage in Guatemala, we experienced a God Ordained meeting between us and another ministry. Through that meeting, God has given us the opportunity to share the gospel while also providing clean healthy water to those in need in so many places. We are now installing a water purification system capable of producing up to 300 gallons of bacteria and virus free water per hour. We have been able to install theses systems at churches, orphanages and Christian based community centers in Latin America, Cuba, and hopefully soon in Haiti and Africa. This purification system is just a tool God has given us to be able to share the Greatness of His Word.

The desire of the Garrison’s ministry is to share the love of Jesus Christ in the context of installing clean water systems, teaching health and hygiene, teaching bible stories through children’s skits and demonstrations, and discipleship to as many under developed people groups in as many countries of this world as He leads.

We are blessed to be able to serve as our Lord’s disciples wherever He sends us, and are willing to go wherever He calls, and do whatever He asks. As we continue to install theses purification systems, we will also continue to share the gospel through the many other ministry opportunities we are blessed to participate in such as international VBS programs, domestic and international disaster relief, medical missions/serving in the bio-med technology ministry, domestic and international construction and maintenance programs, and food distribution ministries.

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