Kathy Watson-Swift has been and continues to be an Associate Missionary to Africa since 2005 although she now also serves in Western Europe as a missionary with her husband, Bishop Chris Swift as of 2012.

While living in Kenya and spending much of her time in a small village in the interior, she began to feed children in her yard. What began as a lunchtime blessing and share Jesus to the hungry children, has now become a full time ongoing humanitarian/ educational – feeding project at the local village school. The year 2019 marks nine years – from 100 meals in her yard to more than 2000 prepared meals weekly, made every day for orphans, widows and other school-age children. School supplies, shoes and uniforms are given to as many children as possible as donations are received. Children’s lives, as well as many lives of youth have been changed within this village. The death rate has been lowered 10-15% in this high AIDS/TB environment due to a consistent, daily, well-balanced diet and several have gone on to graduate secondary school and pursue college. Because the grades of the students have increased substantially due to this feeding program, the government of Kenya has recognized this small in-country school by building a new facility for preschool age children. For the first time in this village, electricity shines in this building.

While in Kenya, Kathy evangelized, trained and equipped countless hundreds of leaders which has led to thousands hearing the gospel. She continues to oversee this African project and teach the importance of a “child’s life” to Jesus wherever God leads.

This Freedom House Project has been chosen as one of the six “This Little Light of Mine” mission projects by the Church of God World Missions. “This Little Light of Mine” is a project geared toward children helping children around the world. Each child can help another by their personal gift.

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