The beautiful Kibera Kids Center (KKC)/ Life Springs Academy sits as an oasis adjacent to the massive slum of Kibera in Nairobi, Kenya. Kibera is a constantly evolving ministry meeting the needs of children in and around the slums.  It features multiple buildings and ministries reaching several hundred children each day. The center primarily functions as an onsite educational facility for children in the area who may not be able to receive any education.  The residents are boarded and clothed by the learning center.  Orphans receive a scholarship to cover their place at the school. A new dorm is being built to house preschool and young children from the slums.

The ministry has a solid academic, child development and spiritual development program.  The children attend the onsite chapel. New intake and pre-school facilities are being constructed to continue ministering to the children who are in a “survival mode.” Providing them love, life necessities, a good education, and a strong spiritual life, we want to make a difference.  KKC is reaching them in whatever way they are left uncared for.  We have them all, from the displaced to the abandoned, from those left behind by death, to those whose last living parent is on the deathbed and unable to do anything—KKC is there!

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