Rev. Linda Brown is one of the few native Floridians, and the ministers in her family date back as far as King James 1, where one of her great-great x 9 grandfathers served as his pastor and advisor. Ministry has been a legacy in her family with many pastors, pioneers, and missionaries.

Rev. Brown spent most of her career working at CTN as a floor director, crew chief, lighting director, and photographer.  For years she served in this ministry while working in the local church.  She worked as a youth leader and media director under the leadership of Dr. Dale Denham.  She has attended Harvest Temple, now known as Gulf Coast Church, since she was one year old.

Rev. Brown has been involved in missions since her early twenties spending vacations and personal time off in Guatemala, Cambodia, Haiti, South Africa, Domestic missions, and currently serving full-time in Kenya. It was in 2008, on a trip to Cambodia, that Linda heard the voice of God telling her, “you go.” Not willing to fail, Linda searched for a training program and mentor. She met Dr. Hawthorne in November of 2008, and by May of 2009, she was headed to Kenya.  After a year of internship and raising funds, with the blessing of Pastor Randy Morris and Bob D’Andrea, Linda went full-time.

Rev. Brown began to seek the Lord to her purpose in Kenya and found it by starting the Linda’s Kids Program with three little girls.  It is a program that puts girls in school, so they will not be circumcised or married off as a child-bride.  But that was not enough for her as she saw a desperate need for education in one of the nearby villages.  In 2015, she opened Linda’s Kids Academy, and for the past six years, she has been educating over 102 children.  Education is their legacy is the motto of the school.

Rev. Brown lives in a village with the Masai working with New Frontiers Health Force.  She also did a CAN course so she could assist in the health center.  She is the Co-pastor of Good Shepherd Fellowship and helps head the new ISOLD program (International School of Leadership and Development) started in 2018.

Rev. Brown is single and takes care of her elderly mother in Largo.  Every bit of life experience from working on the farm with her “Pa” to skills she learned at CTN to getting her ordination with the Church of God has in some way prepared and enabled her to be a full-time missionary in Kenya.

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