After retirement, Lloyd and Joyce Heiney heard that the people of Mexico were eager to hear about God and His Word. In 1996 they drove to the Rio Grande Valley to Texas and little by little took 200 Spanish Bibles across the Rio Grande River into Mexican border towns. They carried many of these Bibles across the border in backpacks. Later they began to drive into Mexico in a little yellow Jeep loaded with Bibles, blankets, food, candles and matches and other necessities. Since that time they have taken over 10,000 Spanish Bibles, driving into every state in Mexico, plus thousands of gospel tracts and many cartons of Sunday school literature in the Spanish language.
The Heineys have distributed hundreds of pounds of beans, rice, powdered milk; and many blankets and medicines. They pray for the sick, for those who have no homes, and for those who live near the city dumps. They have gone into places where there are no roads and have made many friends among the people of Mexico.
Lloyd and Joyce began with only the thought of taking a few Spanish Bibles into Mexico, but because the people are so hungry for the Lord, the project continues to grow. In 2000, construction began on a church, parsonage, and mission center in Nuevo Progreso, Tamaulipis, Mexico. Although the building is not finished, a Church of God pastor resides on the premises, conducting regular worship services and Sunday school. The goal is to finish the building and continue to distribute Bibles in this heavily populated city on the border.

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