Career Missionaries

Alex and Leah Abiola

Gordon and Glenda Bloodworth

Linda Brown

Tonya Hawthorne D.O.

Teresa Kimbrell

Neil and Jennifer Lawrence

Everaldo and Lydia Nascimento

Jonas and Sarah Schmid

Paul and Rhonda Stockard

Maxwell and Debbie Thompson

Rodger and Saundra Wikelund

Associate Missionaries

Aaron Doan

Asbury Sellers

William and Karen Sivels

Elaine Stewart

Kathy Watson-Swift

Donald and Jenny Weaver

Short-Term Missionaries

Becky Burdshaw

Archie Cooper

Michael Goodwin

Curtis Grey

Ron and Mildred House

Ruth Palomo

B. Randall Parris

Priscilla Roberts

Missionary Interns

Kim Franks

Bryson Grizzle

Missionary Evangelists

Harold Daugherty

Dorothy Qualls

Missionary Educators

Kevin and Hope Burroughs

Affiliate Missionaries

Gene and Tanya Mills

Parachurch Groups

Gina Helms