Career Missionaries

Dennis and Denie Heppner

Julie Martinez

Israel and Debbie Minay

Jonny Moore

Marc and Marilen Morris

John and Suzie Pickens

Andrew and Jacki Quinley

Coleman Bailey

Tommy and Poppi Smith

Associate Missionaries

Winston and Lucille Elliot

Charity and Evan Graff

James and Sanatha Hardy

Richard and Linda Johnson

Jon and Gey Loudermilk

Michael and Elaine Shreve

George T. Smith

Samuel and Patricia Stallings

Blayne and Angie Waltrip

James and Melinda Wiese

Tom and Jennifer Wolverton

Caleb Wolverton

Short-Term Missionaries 

Dr. Fred Garmon

Johnykutty P. John

Benjamin and Jessica Salmon

Don Seeders

Manning Thornton

Thomas and Margaret Tioaquen

Crystal Walker

Barbara Elaine Ward

Richard Whitter

Queen Elizabeth Williams

Leto Zacharia

Missionary Interns

Sam and Janine McNair

Alonzo Malvarez

Isaac Lutz

Missionary Evangelists

Glen and Susie Anniskette

Norman Gardner

Kevin Chapman

Parachurch Groups

Brenda Bosch

Simon Valenzuela

Jeffrey and Emily Weimert

Missionary Affiliates

Charles and Sherrie Quinley