It is only a few steps from Nogales, Arizona, to Nogales, Mexico, but instantly and distinctly you are in a foreign country. Stronger border regulations brought on by 9/11, reduction of tourism and nearby military visits, and the cartel wars have taken their toll on this region. The Nogales community has been hit especially hard and, unfortunately, this leaves the children of the community the most vulnerable group of the population to face the consequences. It has been described as the city of the humbled and hopeless.  A Church of God pastor visiting the area was deeply moved by the needs of the street children of Nogales. New Life Children’s Home began as an outreach of the New Life Church of God in Tucson, Arizona, to meet that need.

Amid what has become the human dumping ground for illegals returned from the U.S., New Life was constructed as the result of a YWEA project and other partners to meet the plight of innocent children left to roam the streets.  These children are at high risk for exploitation and drug use, and New Life continues to expand to meet the growing need of housing and educating the abandoned, neglected, and abused children.

Director: Elias Herrara Sanchez

Project #: 102-7079

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