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Open Arms (Jyothi’s Home for Children)

Andhra Pradesh, India

OpenArms3 copyIn southern India, children of the street can look forward to an unceasing search for food, begging, and stealing from street vendors, forced labor, and unspeakable abuse amid the disease-ridden masses. A local Church of God pastor with passion to help this impoverished region worked to establish Open Arms (Jyothi’s Home for Children), which now cares for some 450 of these hurting and homeless children.


UNICEF reports over 25 million orphans and 5,000 children die every day in India due to preventable causes. And, the World Health Organization states that 49 percent of the world’s underweight children, 34 percent of stunted children, and 46 percent of wasted children live in India. The Church of God stands with “Open Arms” to make a difference. Your support can change the situation.



World Mission’s Project Number: 740-0109

Director: Jyothi Reddi

Number of children served: 450