Sister Rosalba Perez opened Safe House as an answer to the many small girls who were orphaned as a result of death, abuse, neglect and abandonment. Many of the girls had been sexually abused and molested as a result of sex trades exploitation of children in South America. The testimonies of the girls are heart-wrenching as you grow to understand they were literally grasped from the hands of those who would exploit and abuse them.

Safe House provides and wonderful atmosphere of loving provision in a beautiful setting on the side of a hill in Cota. Several girls have passed through the program and moved on to higher education and vocational opportunities. Sister Rosalba reports seeing the Hand of God in restoring, loving and providing for these young women for several years.

Currently staffed for 30 girls as residents and caring for other neighboring children during the day while the Safe House girls are at school.

Project #: 102-0032

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