Sails of Hope

Sails of Hope

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Sails of Hope is a loving and caring place for children. When Ukraine separated from the Soviet Union in 1991, it plunged toward extreme poverty. This left many of the nation’s over 100,000 orphans vulnerable to society’s ills.  Overwhelmed by the plight of street children in Slavyansk, a city in eastern Ukraine, Sails of Hope opened in 2000.

The children come from living on the streets, in basements, and underground sewage tunnels. They come from a region grappling with extreme poverty, substance abuse, the continuing battle with HIV/AIDS, and tuberculosis. They come with dulled, hopeless eyes and find the lifting breeze of the Holy Spirit in the opening Sails of Hope. The goal of Sails of Hope is to change the fate of these hopeless children through Christ.

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Director: Andrej Samoylenko

Project #: 102-9098

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