Church of God World Missions has chosen the city of Moscow as one of the Send the Light to the Cities effort.

Send the Light to the Cities is a belief and strategy focusing on major cities around the world with the people and resources God gives so they serve as lighthouse cities. WM director Dr. David M. Griffis says, “We will evangelize, plant birthing churches, and provide an evangelism and training center in each one of them.”

Why Moscow?

Moscow, the capital of Russia, is the largest city in Europe with 12.2 million inhabitants. As a center of power that provides educational and economic opportunities, it will continue to be a magnet for an increasing number of people in Eurasia.

The Church of God entered Russia in 1992, and met with relative success. However, more discipleship was necessary and growth became slow. Equally discouraging is the recent law passed in Russia that stridently restricts evangelism. Overshadowing this great city is organized crime, vice, and greed. Getting the Light into such an environment of religious resistance will take miracles and intervention by God.

God has ordained this season and we currently have 28 churches in the greater Moscow region. Property is expensive and most churches must rent. They are subject to the suspicions and prejudices of many, which results in frequent moves and difficult growth.

The Church of God has an additional five new church plants in development, as well. Concerted prayer will make an impact.

What You Can Do

Pray. There is no substitute for fervent prayer about the millions of people who do not have the light of Christ shining in their lives.

Give. Your donations will meet specific needs for Moscow to be a lighthouse city. There are people ready to give themselves to this mission. We can send and support, they will go and give. Land and buildings will be purchased or built. Ministers, workers, and ministries will be trained and supported.

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