Church of God World Missions has chosen the city of Tokyo as part of the Send the Light to the Cities initiative.

Send the Light to the Cities is a belief and strategy focusing on major cities around the world with the people and resources God gives so they serve as lighthouse cities. WM director Dr. David M. Griffis says, “We will evangelize, plant birthing churches, and provide an evangelism and training center in each one of them.”

Why Tokyo?

With a metro population of over 38 million, Tokyo is the largest city not only in Japan but in the world. It is Japan’s leading industrial center, specializing in management, finance, and electronic production. Almost 16% of citizens live in poverty.

Due to its large population, Tokyo is having a problem housing its residents. Finding suitable land in Tokyo is hard, and the majority of the contractors are looking outside the city to expand. In 2014, there were 142,417 housing developments in the city of Tokyo; more than the 83,657 housing permits issued in the state of California or 137,000 in the entire country of England.

Pray for evangelism, teaching, and church planting throughout as leaders embark upon the city. Pray for financial resources and missionaries who are called to Tokyo, Japan as they fulfill the Great Commission.

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