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Simone’s Kids


simoneskidsIn December 2010, I traveled to Uganda to visit a school that faced a budget crisis. Several months earlier I had learned of the school through an older mentor and friend; she informed me of a local man that had started a school for orphans.  Unfortunately, he was unable to continue funding the school. After learning of the situation, I spent the next several months fundraising for the school, in hopes of keeping it open. With God’s help, I achieved that goal.

Since my first trip, over three and a half years ago, great things have happened for the children. Our program has grown from 100 to 300 children; the children have gone from receiving no food at school to receiving full meals. I have made several trips, and plan to continue doing so. On each trip, no matter the length of stay, I have learned much as a person and as a missionary. My views have changed on how best to help the children, and I have grown to love the ministry and children more every day.

In the future, I plan to continue growing this ministry, Simone’s Kids, and better the lives of the children. I also plan to continue working in Nakaseke, Uganda, and to continue building relationships with the children, sharing the love of Christ.


Simone Puccinelli

Founder and President of Simone’s Kids