Continuing to emerge from the ethnic slaughter of 1994 that left nearly one million people dead, Rwanda is a nation in recovery. The Church of God, through a Youth World Evangelism Action (YWEA) project and the Lazarus Foundation, established St. Francis Secondary School to provide services for children in a community near Kigali.

Although St. Francis is a community school serving over 400 children, about 100 of those children are orphans who participate in a program providing foster homes as well as an education. Sister Tresa heads that program. She works with foster parents to see that the daily needs of each child are being met. Tresa’s husband and father of her children was killed in the massacre. Her message to the orphaned children of Rwanda is the same as it was for her children, “You have a Father and His name is Jesus. Always run to Him, and He will receive you and give you life.”

Administration: Joseph Ndashe

Project #: 102-9264

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