Dr. Sushil Mathew is the National Overseer of Church of God Kuwait, Middle East and the Regional Coordinator for the Unreached People Groups (UPG) Ministry of the Church of God World Missions in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).

Sushil Mathew has a great burden for the 42% of the People Groups who are unreached in the world specifically, in the Middle East and North African Region which is the most needy, dangerous and difficult region (22 countries) of the World to share the Gospel.  With great passion and zeal to see the UPG reached with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Dr. Mathew ventures into areas and regions of the World which cannot be named here for security concerns also known as (CLOSED COUNTRIES). Focusing on the 1040 Window, through engaging and adopting Unreached People Groups, the Great Commission of the Lord Jesus Christ is being fulfilled one People Group at a time. The work of engaging the Unengaged people groups is part of the FINISH Commitment of the Church of God.

The focus of his ministry is to create viable partnerships with local COG Churches through UPG awareness teaching and training and to mobilize churches for adopting UPG’s and engaging in the Great Commission. If you are interested in knowing more about the UPG Ministry, or to schedule a visit to these countries as a short term missions, please feel free to email him at upgministry@gmail.com.

There are financial needs for discipleship training and for supporting indigenous native UPG workers in the field in the nations of the 1040 Window. In addition, there are financial needs for travel and occasional hotels and car rentals in non-COG areas. An annual budget of $15,000 will cover visits and all expenses to about 15-20 countries each year.

Project Number: 065-0925

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