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Touching Your World Belize

San Ignacio

belizeprofileWith over 35% of the population under 15 years of age and a high rate of poverty and teen pregnancy, Belize is a country with many social and spiritual needs.

Touching Your World Ministries is presently developing a six acre property on the outskirts of San Ignacio, in western Belize, close to the Guatemalan border. Our goal is to bring hope to the impoverished children of Belize by establishing a children’s ministry center for orphans and vulnerable children, while providing aid and meals to children and families from the surrounding villages.
The property has been operational since 2012, providing feeding programs and a distribution center to the local community via a primary multi-purpose building. Five houses are currently being constructed to serve as the children’s homes starting in 2014. The long term goal is to create a community environment primarily to house and care for the children, but to also provide on-site farming, medical clinics, education, vocational training, and other services to aid and minister to the nearby villages.


World Mission’s Project Number: 102-9340

Directors: Youdi and Pamela Binda

Number of children served: 80