Yves, a native of Haiti, recognized a call on his life when he was first saved. He worked as a youth group leader in Haiti before moving to Brooklyn, New York, where he became a youth pastor. He prepared himself for God’s call educationally by earning a bachelor’s degree in Biblical Studies from East Coast Bible College and a Master of Divinity degree from the Church of God Theological Seminary. He recognized a call to France while studying at the seminary.

Yves’ heart is to serve God. Upon completion of his studies, Yves began to seek for opportunities to serve abroad. This led him to Paris, France where he now serves as pastor/missionary. Yves is motivated by those who are searching to know God and who just need to have someone point them in the right direction. He enjoys to cultivate young Christians in their faith.

While ministering in France, Yves met an educated young woman name, Micheline, whom he later married.

Micheline assists Yves in ministry by working with the children and teens in the Sunday school ministry. She also is part of the worship team and works with women’s ministries. Ever since Micheline was a child, God put something special in her heart for other children.

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