World Missions coordinator of specialized outreach in Africa, Paul Stockard, has served Africa eight and one half years introducing the ministry of chaplaincy … a new way in which to help people deal with, and overcome, the multitude of traumatic crises that many face on a regular basis.

Approximately 50 percent of the world’s wars and conflicts occur on the African continent, effecting an incredible amount of suffering and loss for the people, both directly and indirectly involved. Compounding the situation are the extremely difficult conditions that many people with, but creating a viable ministry where those who have chaplaincy skills can make a huge difference.

Paul has over 30 years of experience with chaplaincy ministries, working on four different continents. He has never seen a people more desirous of learning and implementing chaplaincy than the African people. Governments in a few nations have opened for the chaplaincy training; even some of our churches have been able to extend their outreach into areas historically closed to the church because of the chaplaincy program.

The daunting expense of traveling within Africa is a great challenge … moving around on the large continent is expensive. In spite of the financial pressure, Paul pursues his calling, as amazing things are being accomplished!

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