Career missionaries usually have a difficult time raising their entire budgets to get to the mission field. Multiple items figure into their raised funds, such as housing, medical bills, utilities, and so forth—much like our own needs, but with more difficult circumstances to encounter.

For the short-term missionary, there are often not enough funds to supply the type of vehicle needed, such as with South American Call headed by Joe Mercer.

Joe’s ministry is traveling to the Amazon River villages by boat, which is a focus of large funding. Upkeep of the boat and gas guzzles the resources. On these trips, the ministry provides soup kitchens and conducts “congresos” (conferences) aimed at training leaders to take the Gospel to their own villages and people. This year alone, the cost of financing pastors and the congresos will be approximately $20,000; it is a vital ministry.

BUT, Joe and his wife, Judy, who not only go to the field–but raise missions awareness and funding here in North America, have been traveling for about 10 years in a Camry, which belongs to South American Call, Inc.

The vehicle has almost 400,000 miles on it.

A newer vehicle is definitely needed, as making long trips is of some concern now. Since they need to take so much equipment with them, the Mercers need more room in their transport. They are grateful to the donors and churches who helped them purchase their Camry, and now are hoping others will do the same for replacing the vehicle with something suitable.

If you would like to be a part of this dedicated ministry to peoples on the Amazon River, and help assist the missionaries with transportation, please donate to Project Number 065-0125.