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Hong and Esther Yang

Hong and Esther Yang recently returned from spending three arduous weeks of teaching and preaching in Botswana and Zambia, Africa. The teaching involved the BA and MA degree levels.

Students, who were trained in over 100 hours, attended from nearly a dozen nations throughout Africa. Africa is experiencing a great revival, especially in the Muslim areas.

The Yangs also evangelized hundreds, including the many Chinese living in these African nations.

Five more mission trips for Hong and Esther are scheduled at the start of next year in Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda. Please keep the Yangs in your prayers for provision and safety.

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The Zambian government in Africa has graciously embraced Emma’s Kids and has provided the school with seven teachers, whom the government will pay. Emma’s Kids currently has 300 children who are attending the academy.

The kids come from the poorest village in the area, as well as some of Emma’s Kids are their own who are committed to the ministry. The school houses 30 children for whom they are totally responsible—feeding, clothing, school fees. Emma’s Kids feeds other vulnerable children who do not live at the institution, but have limited resources. These children’s education is paid for those who go beyond grade seven. Most of Emma’s Kids are non-boarders, grades one through seven.Emma's Kids

The Love, Hope, and Faith Medical Clinic is provided, too, and registered with the government. A nurse and a doctor are on call and treat the Emma’s Kids for free at the government hospital, or a private one if needed.

The farm continues to provide maize (corn) which really helps Emma’s Kids with their budget. Harvest International Church of God in the bush has a farm, as well that is run by the local pastor, and Emma’s Kids are involved there. God blessed them with the land which is over 1700 acres and MWOA helped build on it.

Ever faithful, God has allowed Church of God World Missions high priority status, including International Director Dr. David M. Griffis, in the government, and the ministry is protected.

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In Ethiopia, the Church of God has established Christian schools throughout the country: Sidama in the South; the Arsi Oromo area (961 children are enrolled and have to be accommodated by two shifts—all of whom are from Muslim families!); the city of Shashemene (a Muslim area in the southern Rift Valley); and Lake Awassa in southern Ethiopia.

The Harvest Church of God currently operates over 70 kindergarten (pre-school level) schools, plus several primary schools. All inclusive, they serve over 8,000 children, mostly in the southern regions, but also in other parts of Ethiopia where we have churches.

The church faces a challenge in maintaining the school because of insufficient finances. The government is trying to improve education and raises their teachers’ salaries, but the church cannot match those increases in pay, so often the school loses some of its best teachers to government schools. The school ministry basically survives on a monthly support of 2,000 Euros (about $2,361) from the Church of God in Germany—barely enough to keep the schools open, but not enough to maintain buildings, provide adequate teaching materials, or good quality teachers.

Despite a lack of proper funds, these kindergarten and primary schools are an outstanding, signal ministry with an incredible impact upon the lives of the children and their families, even upon the growth of the respective local congregations.

Hiruy Tsige, overseer, reports there are 180-plus congregations (some with more than 15,000 members; some with only 20 members), but overall membership is estimated at over 67,000. The educational contributions have had a large impact in growing congregations.

The influence continues!


Missionaries Rodney and Carol Friend arrived in Zambia this past July, and experienced the busyness of getting settled in the first three weeks.

The Friends were warmly welcomed as the new directors by the Bethel Theological College faculty and staff. The third term begins in September, and the administrative offices and classrooms are currently being remodeled with new floor tiles and paint. The new dormitories are nearing completion on the first floor, anticipating it will house the students for the new term.Rodney and Carol Friend

During their initial time in Zambia, Rodney and Carol visited two churches in Lusaka … one is Family Life Church of God pastored by Missionary Teresa Kimbrell, who is also a faculty member and financial manager at BTC. Rodney ministered in the service at Family Life. Holy Cross Church of God in the Bauleni area is led by Pastor John, and the Friends enjoyed meeting and worshipping with the congregation.

The Friends went to their neighboring nation of Zimbabwe with Field Director Peter Thomas and Dr. Israel Simbaya, BTC academic dean. The intent is to hopefully build ways to have students from Zimbabwe attend BTC. They met with Bishop Maushe, overseer of Zimbabwe who is also the education director.

Although other matters associated with settling into a new home and nation remain to be done, the Friends are thankful for God’s help in accomplishing tasks so far.

Rodney and Carol ask for continued prayer and support so that they can remain and be fruitful in Zambia!

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Field Directors Peter and Debbie Thomas recently traveled to the southernmost tip of the African continent, Cape Town, to attend the Africa Council meeting. They experienced a wonderful prayer time,

The Africa Council praying at the southern most tip of Africa.

interceding for the entire continent asking God for souls, committing the ministry of the Church of God into the mighty hands of God, and rededicating themselves to the Harvest of Africa.

A Leadership seminar for the French-speaking West African countries was held in Sikasso, Mali, with 59 delegates from eight countries participating. This seminar was intentionally planned for the Sahel Zone ministers. Some of the graduates from the Master Program taught sessions, along with Dr. Hong Yang, Jurgen Rudolph, and Peter Thomas. The next seminar will be held in February 2018.

Two large Church of God facilities were dedicated—one a big, beautiful church building in Goma and a sizable Ministry Center in Dakar, Senegal. The fourth floor of the Ministry Center is complete and is equipped with a seminar room, accommodations for delegates and an apartment for a teacher. The harvest of souls is tremendous in the Sahel Zone of Senegal. Sixty (60) youngsters are trained in a Christian environment to become good soccer players with the intent to present Jesus to them. Church of God Missionaries Everaldo and Lydia Nascimento are dedicated to fulfill their ministry among the young people.

New national overseers have been appointed in Botswana (Reuben Bajaki Kegomoditswe), Namibia (Bennie Smith), and Zimbabwe (Zafania Maushe). May the Lord empower these brothers with godly wisdom and passion for the Kingdom of God.

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Recently, in Kigali, Rwanda a team from RIO Central church, in East Tennessee, led by Pastor Tommy Roberts and Assistant Pastor Tony Simerly trained over 100 Church of God church planters from the countries of Rwanda, Burundi and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Many of these Pastors have seen their colleagues kidnapped, beaten and persecuted but they have soldiered on.

In the last 6 months with the Global Fire Advance and Harvesters Hub model church planting training, they have planted 183 churches.

It seems the STIFFER the resistance the greater the harvest.

Their faith and perseverance in the face of daunting odds sometimes almost makes you ashamed to complain or get tired. They definitely have something valuable and aren’t intimidated or reluctant to share it.

The same New Testament phenomenon being expressed in this training site is being replicated approximately 50 more times in 50 locations around the globe to the tune of around 6,000 new churches in the last year alone.

Africans, Asians, Latinos, Hindus, Muslims and Buddhists are being swept into the Kingdom in wholesale numbers. Trainers and students of the Church of God Global Fire Advance* are going into the highways and hedges seeking and searching for the lost.

We need partners, strategies and resources to continue this onslaught on the kingdom of darkness. We are pushing back the darkness now as we seek to Send the Light to the Cities and finish the great commitment.

Ronnie Hepperly, Southeast Asia Regional Superintendent for Church of God World Missions

*Global Fire Advance is an extension of the Firewall Project AFRICA