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In keeping with their vision to help bear the burdens of Western Territory Honduran brothers and sisters, Steven and Candace Day are moving right along helping the pastors and are so grateful for the support that has been given to their projects.Heart for Honduras logo

This month, the Days have purchased some items for the chicken project in Protection—a storage building and a machine that de-feathers the chickens. Other projects include construction on churches, putting roofs on two new plants, and completing groundwork.

Even missionaries experience sorrow, and this time it touched the Days. Candace is working as a teacher’s assistant at a new school. At the end of September, a very heavy rainfall occurred. One of the first graders was in a vehicle with his older sister and brother as they attempted to cross a flooded bridge. The small vehicle was swept away by the current. The two older children made their way to dry land, but little Axel was missing. The community searched for two days, but the dreaded news they did not want to hear finally came. Little Axel’s body had been recovered. The school and community mourn the loss, but they have the hope of seeing Axel again in heaven.

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Having experienced the transformation power of God in her own life, Pastor Rosalba Pérez In Cota, Colombia, obeyed God’s call to bring hope and joy where poverty, violence, and illiteracy reigned. She fully understood how God transforms one to transform!

Rosalba and Girls

What God put into Rosalba’s heart became her missions for the Kingdom … to defend the rights of vulnerable people, such as child victims of sexual exploitation and domestic violence. Eighty-six percent of children recruited in Colombia for armed conflict were victims of family violence.

More than 30 years ago, Rosalba saw the pain of children with economic and nutritional deficiencies, abused in all areas, mistreated, taken as spoils of war to be sexual slaves for the armed groups unleashing ruin, misery, and pain to many generations. Her plan was to show children that the circle of poverty is broken with education, and hearts are healed by the power of God.

The transformational impact began by reaching the neediest corners with professional teams to provide support to those in need. Jireh Provision of Love home has restored more than 85 (girls) victims of abuse and forced displacement. The school has about 300 children of low resources to whom God’s Word is shared daily and they are given an education with Christian values. Soup kitchens also provide meals for children who are hungry because of abandonment.

Lamentations 2:19 reflects the mission of Rosalba … Arise, cry aloud in the night, at the beginning of the night watches; pour out your heart like water before the presence of the Lord; lift up your hands to Him for the life of your little ones who are faint from hunger at the head of every street.

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Missionary evangelists, Glen and Susie Anniskette, felt like dancing in the Spirit on the way to their car!

The Anniskettes had ministered in a Church of God that was literally started because the head of a gang was converted. The entire gang is almost saved now. The church is about one year old, and already has 120 members. It has outgrown the mother church it was birthed from. Amazingly, 70 percent of the congregation are young people!

The congregation is renting a building that needs a ceiling (which will be removed and used in the future when they obtain their own building), as well as more plastic chairs. The pastor had been fervently praying the day of the Anniskettes’ visit for the Lord to bring in the money the church needed.

The Anniskettes felt impressed to give $1,000 to this church! God answered the pastor’s prayer on time and in His way.

God has been faithful in His provision for the Anniskettes’ ministry, and now they are the vessels of His provision for others.

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Middle East Map

Latin America is sending career missionaries around the world—a missions field that has turned into a missions force. One such couple from the Church of God in Argentina now ministers in a Middle East country.

Praying for the political situation in the country where they are located is only part of the urgent task that remains to establish disciples of Jesus Christ who can continue the extension of the kingdom of God in the region. In the natural perspective, it looks negative, but if one sees with the eyes of God, a small cloud can be seen in the distance—a great harvest of souls coming to the knowledge of our Redeemer!

The missionaries were blessed to recently pray and minister to some women and children who have escaped war. How heartbreaking for them to witness what people are suffering from having to leave their homes because of war; especially, to see the children, and humanly not be able to help enough!

Most of the individuals with whom God has allowed them to share, to reach, and to baptize, stand firm in the way of God. Amidst many dangers and threats, the local church continues to advance. New believers are often preparing to be water- baptized.

Believing God is in control of history, with His help, the missionaries will continue to share the love of Jesus Christ.

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If anyone ever doubts that God speaks to children, 8-year-old Hermelinda Tomasto is living proof He does. Living in Peru, Hermelinda’s passion was one day to have an orphanage, which would take care of all children with needs, and teach them about God and His love.

children in Pamela Taylor HomeYears later, Hermelinda and her husband, Pastor Samuel Quintero, began a feeding ministry for 25 vulnerable children in Piendamó, Colombia. At the time, J. Martin Taylor, currently a World Missions field representative, pastored the Sumiton, Alabama Church of God. The church partnered with the feeding ministry to provide new buildings and adequate facilities. It is now called the Pamela Taylor Home, in honor of Bishop Taylor’s wife who passed away in 2015.

The home currently has over 50 children—children who were abandoned, orphaned, mistreated, abused, and displaced. The home also provides specialized nurses for the children, as well as 50 assistants who give them love, respect, spiritual guidance, and help to facilitate their reintegration into society.

Project #102-9212


Steve and Elaine Sumner are directors of New Day Foundation in Ecuador. As short-term missionaries, they determine how long their time will be used in ministering and make the most of each visit.

A social worker and psychologist assist the Sumners, and as a result, several young men have been returned to their parents, or entered “Casa de Ninez,” a rehab. Even though one young adult was forced to enter an orphanage, their team at New Day are trying to send him to his grandparents on the coast.

While the Sumners face difficult situations with individuals, they face their own set of problems, as well. They recently moved from what they term their “dysfunctional home” with black mold, peeling paint, dangerous wiring, a fake 220 electrical plug, and no hot water, to a house across the driveway with exactly the same floor plan, but with none of the above predicaments. Their two previous landlords were Christians and they were totally unprepared for one that lied, was greedy, stingy, and unresponsive. The new house is $50 cheaper, and has garden space!

An incredible blessing is a lady from their church has committed to helping Elaine visit two nursing homes that Elaine has been ministering in for the past two years. The Ecuadorian is taking responsibility for this work. She recently preached from the Word, and brought three other women from the church with her to pray for the elderly people.

While learning a great deal about the culture through some trials, the Sumners have realized that “All things work together for good, if we love the Lord, and are called according to His purpose!”

New Day Foundation is encouraged and blessed by the support, love, and prayers of its donors!

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