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Jerry Madden

Pastor Jerry Madden

Pastor Jerry Madden of Praise Cathedral in Greer, South Carolina, was overwhelmed by a miracle of God. While he does not care much for theatrics, nor dramatics, this was one time he got a bit excited.

The previous church year brought unforeseen opportunities equal to one million dollars—some repairs had to be done on the church, the sound system had to be replaced, and other such expenses were incurred. But, the congregation paid for these items all along and did not borrow any money. In the meantime, they also continued to honor their missions commitments.

Pastor Jerry had earlier expressed to the church the hope that this fall, their mortgage payment would be under one million dollars.

Recently, Pastor Jerry received an envelope in the mail; it appeared to be a check, but he couldn’t be sure. The sender was a department within a major financial institution. And, yes, it was a valid check—a check for ONE MILLION DOLLARS! After quite some diligence, Pastor Jerry managed to talk with someone at the financial institution who told him the money was given by a donor or donors requesting anonymity. Praise Cathedral’s mortgage will now be debt-free!

Wait … that is not the end of the story. Included in the envelope was another check, this one also for ONE MILLION DOLLARS, for the church’s missions efforts! Praise Cathedral monthly supports Samaritan’s Purse—the orphanage in the Philippines overseen by Marc and Marilen Morris—several missionaries, a Bible school, a theological seminary, as well as other orphanages and ministries. The church’s missions pastor is Mark Hill.

God never forgets. He rewards with blessings those who sow His love in kindness, and He gave Praise Cathedral a great return on their investments into His Kingdom!

Hebrews 6:10: “For God is not unrighteous to forget your work and labor of love, which ye have showed toward His name, in that ye have ministered to the saints, and do minister.”


Hurricane Maria ravages through the Caribbean and threatens significantly more damage to poor and already-devastated islands. Church of God International World Missions Director and Assistant Director, Drs. David M. Griffis and M. Thomas Propes, responded with a call to prayer with the COGWM family this morning.

Dr. Griffis opened the time of prayer with scriptures from Mark 4 and Matthew 14, demonstrating that Jesus – who is the same yesterday, today, and forever – still calms the storms. “God rides on the wings of the wind,” said Griffis, citing Psalm 104. “Jesus is still the master of the sea.”COGWM praying for Caribbean

Dr. Propes drew from his own experience and explained that in deep seasons of loss, people find God. In those moments, “there is something in our DNA that turns us to God,” he said. He further stated that there is reason to be hopeful that in the face of devastation, a great harvest of souls can be reaped.

Next, specific prayers were offered by Dr. Propes and two World Missions board members, Dr. Gary Sears and Dr. Donald Walker: prayers for provision, protection, and peace.

Dr. Griffis then led COGWM in a time of prayer asking God to turn Hurricane Maria back to the sea. He drew from biblical and personal examples that demonstrate God’s ability and graciousness to do this.

“World Missions stands with our Church of God family across the Caribbean. We offer our financial support, but more than that we offer our prayers. To our brothers and sisters in the Caribbean – you are not alone,” Dr. M. Thomas Propes.

To give to relief efforts, please visit



As part of Dr. Edley Moodley’s Intercultural Studies class at Lee University, the seniors visit the offices of World Missions for a time of familiarization with its modes, financial structure, and interaction with missionaries—some of whom are retired, some on furlough, and others currently serving on the field, but are home fund-raising.

During one of the sessions, the students were asked to respond to the question: “Why is it important for you to take the Intercultural Studies class?” The responses were inspiring, encouraging, and eye-opening … making it clear that some extraordinary future missionaries may be among those who attended.

Following are some of their excerpts:

The call of missions was stamped on my heart from an early age. My general dislike for school led me to apply to missions organizations, trying to get ahead of God instead of seeking Him. I am so humbled and grateful to be at Lee U. I want to ‘Study to show myself approved!’”   (Hannah Vickery)

We have a safe place to dialogue and debate various situations and their possible solutions relevant to missions in 2017. All my classes leading to this point would have the potential to be meaningless without principles and practices of missions being the thread that ties everything together.”   (Shabanna Osborne)

This class is important because it goes beyond the textbook!”   (Danyale Ford)

Both biblically and practically, it is clear being a missionary is not something you can just ‘do’ without proper training and preparation. Why would we expect anyone to trust his spiritual life to someone who is untrained?”   (Nick Eckert)

The Lord has shown me how important education is when it comes to His work. We don’t want the ‘blind leading the blind.’ I truly want to grow into who God has called me to be.”   (Taylor Doan)

Without this class, I would be lost in my major!”   (Catherine Wilson)

As one can easily read, God has some choice servants among these students, and World Missions looks forward to their future missionary journeys.

HURRICANE IRMA – USA RELIEF is an online link through which churches, individuals, and businesses may give to the relief efforts for the devastation caused by Hurricane Irma.

Church of God World Missions is offering this service as an assistance for the rapid distribution of funds with integrity; 100 percent of funds given through will go to help with recovery from the devastation of Hurricane Irma. The monies for IRMAUSA recovery efforts are given to partners of the Church of God Care Division and to church leadership in the affected areas.

World Missions has long considered its work a bridge between churches and the need. Individually the cost is too great, but by bringing together churches and individuals, the impact of your compassion is greatly strengthened. The end result is much more expansive than our individual input.

Together we serve, together we give, together we receive the grace of God. Your prayers are an important part of the recovery process.

Call 1.800.535.9343 or 1.800.345.7492 during EDT office hours to give.

Use in your browser to open the World Missions giving portal.


Having served as secretary and communications assistant to Grady Murphy, World Missions coordinator of global communications, Cathy Coile has chosen to follow the path of the retired after 17 years with the department.

The word that best describes Cathy is “diligent,” and according to Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary, its meaning is clearly Cathy: “Having or showing care and conscientiousness in one’s work or duties.”

Cathy was employed for 18 years at Magic Chef before joining the workforce at the Pentecostal Theological Seminary in 2000. In 2001, she became an employee of Church of God World Missions, and experienced a ministry not only in the office work, but in the lives of the missionaries.

On the personal level, Cathy is a lifelong resident of Cleveland, Tennessee, as well as a member of South Cleveland Church of God. One of Cathy’s former responsibilities at South Cleveland was to produce and direct the annual Easter program, her specialty being that of preparing props and backdrops. She is a gifted artist. Cathy also sings in the church choir.

Another passion for Cathy is her participation in the annual Royal Family Kids Summer Camp for underprivileged children. It brought her great joy and satisfaction in watching God move in the lives of the children.

International World Missions Director Dr. David Griffis and Assistant Director Dr. M. Thomas Propes are assured World Missions is losing a great person and friend. Cathy will not easily be replaced, but neither will World Missions be replaced in her heart—of that, we’re sure. World Missions wishes her well in this new chapter of her life.

Cathy is married to David; they have two children: April and Nick; and two grandchildren, Alden and Vivian.


Men/Women of Action swings into action for Hurricane Harvey relief. As the rains continue in the area, MWOA is assessing when and where teams will be sent to aid in disaster relief and recovery efforts over the coming weeks and months.

Rescuers are working to make critical extractions for people caught in the raging flood waters from the days of deluge of Hurricane Harvey Photo: AP


If you are interested in and available to volunteer with disaster recovery teams going to south Texas, please call the MWOA office at 423-478-7955. The first wave of teams will be tearing down damaged drywall, removing flooring, tarping roofs, and clearing debris. Most important, they’ll be there to show the love of Christ and share the eternal hope of the Gospel with these disaster victims and communities.


If you are unable to go with a team, please prayerfully consider donating. Without financial backing, the MWOA teams become greatly limited in the amount of work they are able to accomplish. DONORS are just as important to these efforts as the volunteers who travel!


Not only pray for the people of Texas, but earnestly pray for the Church of God pastors and their churches. The flood waters will continue to rise in the coming days.

COGWM General Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief 765-0036-052 

FOR MWOA efforts in Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief: Project #731-1143-553