So many hours have been spent and so many things have happened … so many hours have been spent teaching Hebrew and Old Testament.  Many hours have been spent preparing for the visit of ACTEA to our college.  Other hours were spent in administrative council meetings, entertaining guests, enjoying fellowship with others, worshipping, and praying.  The list could go on and on.  But I wonder, how many of those hours will count in eternity?  I don’t know, but some, for us, have lingered on in our memories with fondness.

Lee University Visit

The visits of Murl and Carolyn Dirksen will not soon be forgotten by us.  Discipleship students embraced them both with open arms and especially those four Lee students/graduates they brought along.  In fact, the fellowship was so sweet that students insisted our Dean of Students drive several of them to the airport to see them off, to say that final sweet farewell.  Our students loved that Leslie, Abigail, Joanna, and Eli stayed in the dormitories with them, ate their food, prayed, and studied with them.  It was a cross-cultural exchange to be remembered.  Thanks to Murl and Carolyn for being a blessing to all of us.

Refugees Reaching Refugees

Four South Sudanese refugees have been with us this term.  Their visit has been sweet, too.  They are preparing to continue their studies in Kampala, but we’ll not soon forget them either.  We have been touched by their desire to reach out to the lost in the refugee camps and their drive to be better prepared to do that.  Alice found the Lord while a practicing Muslim, but each has his own special story.

Accreditation Visit

Accreditation Committee

The visit of Dr. Chemengich from  ACTEA was great, too, like a celebration.  We’re still hoping for affiliate status.  The final verdict is not yet in because they are concerned about how few students we have.  We’re concerned, too, but we are excited about the possibility of starting our own “TOT” diploma program here in November.  We are believing many students will come, not only from Kenya, but surrounding nations.  Pray with us, please!

You Can Partner With Discipleship College

Now, if you’d like to help bring students to Discipleship, we’d be eager to help you do just that.  If you’d like to bring a student from Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Malawi, Central Republic of the Congo, South Sudan, or Burundi,  $70 a month will pay for tuition and fees for a diploma student. $30 more a month will make it possible to bring a qualified degree candidate. We’d like to have a student from each country at the college for each program: diploma and degree.  Thank you in advance.  Your partnership is key!

—Marcia Anderson, Missionary Teacher to Kenya, #060-0054

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