Missionary evangelists, Glen and Susie Anniskette, felt like dancing in the Spirit on the way to their car!

The Anniskettes had ministered in a Church of God that was literally started because the head of a gang was converted. The entire gang is almost saved now. The church is about one year old, and already has 120 members. It has outgrown the mother church it was birthed from. Amazingly, 70 percent of the congregation are young people!

The congregation is renting a building that needs a ceiling (which will be removed and used in the future when they obtain their own building), as well as more plastic chairs. The pastor had been fervently praying the day of the Anniskettes’ visit for the Lord to bring in the money the church needed.

The Anniskettes felt impressed to give $1,000 to this church! God answered the pastor’s prayer on time and in His way.

God has been faithful in His provision for the Anniskettes’ ministry, and now they are the vessels of His provision for others.

To Partner with the Anniskettes, click here: Project #065-0013



The Mt. Zion Church on St. Thomas, Caribbean was badly damaged.

As if the Caribbean islands have not endured enough, Hurricane Maria has followed on the heels of the devastation left by Hurricane Irma. Earlier reports from Field Director Ishmael Charles told of untold destruction in his area of superintendency, but he firmly expressed his trust in God.

Today, International World Missions Director Dr. David M. Griffis received an updated report from Ishmael defining in more detail the needs …

  • None of the 10 churches in Antigua suffered any major destruction.
  • Barbuda was completely destroyed and the government evacuated everyone.
  • Minimal damages to properties in St. Kitts and Nevis.
  • Martin and Anguilla experienced the force of a Category 5; the main Church of God was heavily damaged, and they are awaiting assessment from other pastors; the International airport is closed. Seven churches suffered water damage, and one church in Anguilla, as well.
  • In the British Virgin Islands, it is reported 85 percent of the infrastructure has been destroyed, including banks, schools, churches, businesses and homes. Everyone in every walk of life was affected by the hurricane winds of over 185 mph.
  • The Virgin Gorda Church, a congregation of over 200, is uninhabitable for worship.
  • On Tortola, the West End church was blown to rubble; nothing was left of the building.
  • The main church on the island of St. Thomas was badly damaged.
  • Two of our Haitian churches were completely lost in Turks & Caicos, and the main church in Grand Turks experienced destruction.

Adding to the distress, is the fact that international countries are removing their nationals, and the main tourist and financial industries are moving their business companies to other countries, creating a more severe effect on the islands. Many of our own Church of God members have lost everything.

Not only have the hurricanes been catastrophic, but the emotional aftermath is catastrophic, as well. In the words of Church of God General Overseer Dr. Tim Hill, “With these major weather events, we are facing storm fatigue. However, it is in the midst of the storm that the church is at its best!”

In the wake of the storms, lives and livelihoods are in need of restoration. Please help as God gives you the ability. Click the link below to give online to Caribbean Relief.

Project #765-0036-053


Jerry Madden

Pastor Jerry Madden

Pastor Jerry Madden of Praise Cathedral in Greer, South Carolina, was overwhelmed by a miracle of God. While he does not care much for theatrics, nor dramatics, this was one time he got a bit excited.

The previous church year brought unforeseen opportunities equal to one million dollars—some repairs had to be done on the church, the sound system had to be replaced, and other such expenses were incurred. But, the congregation paid for these items all along and did not borrow any money. In the meantime, they also continued to honor their missions commitments.

Pastor Jerry had earlier expressed to the church the hope that this fall, their mortgage payment would be under one million dollars.

Recently, Pastor Jerry received an envelope in the mail; it appeared to be a check, but he couldn’t be sure. The sender was a department within a major financial institution. And, yes, it was a valid check—a check for ONE MILLION DOLLARS! After quite some diligence, Pastor Jerry managed to talk with someone at the financial institution who told him the money was given by a donor or donors requesting anonymity. Praise Cathedral’s mortgage will now be debt-free!

Wait … that is not the end of the story. Included in the envelope was another check, this one also for ONE MILLION DOLLARS, for the church’s missions efforts! Praise Cathedral monthly supports Samaritan’s Purse—the orphanage in the Philippines overseen by Marc and Marilen Morris—several missionaries, a Bible school, a theological seminary, as well as other orphanages and ministries. The church’s missions pastor is Mark Hill.

God never forgets. He rewards with blessings those who sow His love in kindness, and He gave Praise Cathedral a great return on their investments into His Kingdom!

Hebrews 6:10: “For God is not unrighteous to forget your work and labor of love, which ye have showed toward His name, in that ye have ministered to the saints, and do minister.”


Middle East Map

Latin America is sending career missionaries around the world—a missions field that has turned into a missions force. One such couple from the Church of God in Argentina now ministers in a Middle East country.

Praying for the political situation in the country where they are located is only part of the urgent task that remains to establish disciples of Jesus Christ who can continue the extension of the kingdom of God in the region. In the natural perspective, it looks negative, but if one sees with the eyes of God, a small cloud can be seen in the distance—a great harvest of souls coming to the knowledge of our Redeemer!

The missionaries were blessed to recently pray and minister to some women and children who have escaped war. How heartbreaking for them to witness what people are suffering from having to leave their homes because of war; especially, to see the children, and humanly not be able to help enough!

Most of the individuals with whom God has allowed them to share, to reach, and to baptize, stand firm in the way of God. Amidst many dangers and threats, the local church continues to advance. New believers are often preparing to be water- baptized.

Believing God is in control of history, with His help, the missionaries will continue to share the love of Jesus Christ.

Project # 102-7075-001


If anyone ever doubts that God speaks to children, 8-year-old Hermelinda Tomasto is living proof He does. Living in Peru, Hermelinda’s passion was one day to have an orphanage, which would take care of all children with needs, and teach them about God and His love.

children in Pamela Taylor HomeYears later, Hermelinda and her husband, Pastor Samuel Quintero, began a feeding ministry for 25 vulnerable children in Piendamó, Colombia. At the time, J. Martin Taylor, currently a World Missions field representative, pastored the Sumiton, Alabama Church of God. The church partnered with the feeding ministry to provide new buildings and adequate facilities. It is now called the Pamela Taylor Home, in honor of Bishop Taylor’s wife who passed away in 2015.

The home currently has over 50 children—children who were abandoned, orphaned, mistreated, abused, and displaced. The home also provides specialized nurses for the children, as well as 50 assistants who give them love, respect, spiritual guidance, and help to facilitate their reintegration into society.

Project #102-9212


Hurricane Maria ravages through the Caribbean and threatens significantly more damage to poor and already-devastated islands. Church of God International World Missions Director and Assistant Director, Drs. David M. Griffis and M. Thomas Propes, responded with a call to prayer with the COGWM family this morning.

Dr. Griffis opened the time of prayer with scriptures from Mark 4 and Matthew 14, demonstrating that Jesus – who is the same yesterday, today, and forever – still calms the storms. “God rides on the wings of the wind,” said Griffis, citing Psalm 104. “Jesus is still the master of the sea.”COGWM praying for Caribbean

Dr. Propes drew from his own experience and explained that in deep seasons of loss, people find God. In those moments, “there is something in our DNA that turns us to God,” he said. He further stated that there is reason to be hopeful that in the face of devastation, a great harvest of souls can be reaped.

Next, specific prayers were offered by Dr. Propes and two World Missions board members, Dr. Gary Sears and Dr. Donald Walker: prayers for provision, protection, and peace.

Dr. Griffis then led COGWM in a time of prayer asking God to turn Hurricane Maria back to the sea. He drew from biblical and personal examples that demonstrate God’s ability and graciousness to do this.

“World Missions stands with our Church of God family across the Caribbean. We offer our financial support, but more than that we offer our prayers. To our brothers and sisters in the Caribbean – you are not alone,” Dr. M. Thomas Propes.

To give to relief efforts, please visit cogwm.org/caribbeanrelief.



Unless it is brought to our attention, we do not always grasp the magnitude of what it means to oversee an orphanage. Charity Graff and her husband, Evan, have operated Gentle Hands in the Philippines since 2002, and she carries a heavy burden for the children with whom she is involved.

A rather different aspect of the acquiring of orphanage children is related in her recent newsletter:

“She came in. Angry and hard. As expected. I asked questions; gently, but firmly … letting her know this was serious. She answered. Without much adieu, with tears in her eyes, she held the pen awkwardly, poised.

I held my breath for a moment, but she signed … in faith that my promise of caring for and loving her child was true—the document terminating her rights as mother over her child that she had not seen in over 10 years!”

You may question the circumstances. Charity had arrived at the overflowing jail where the stench of unbathed human bodies permeated the corridors. She was ushered into the warden’s office, where she waited for the mother she was to interview … the one who was to sign rights to her child over to Gentle Hands.

As Charity left the confines of the prison, the burden of reality weighed heavily upon her shoulders. The woman’s son was now in Charity’s care, and would be a candidate for adoption.

Charity prayed for strength to love this boy, as a mother should, tenderly and to prepare him so that one day, when his adoptive mother would come to pick him up, Charity can, too, surrender him to her … and wanting her to understand the sacrifice made so that he could be her son.

Click here to partner with Gentle Hands orphanage in the Philippines: Project #065-0225




Steve and Elaine Sumner are directors of New Day Foundation in Ecuador. As short-term missionaries, they determine how long their time will be used in ministering and make the most of each visit.

A social worker and psychologist assist the Sumners, and as a result, several young men have been returned to their parents, or entered “Casa de Ninez,” a rehab. Even though one young adult was forced to enter an orphanage, their team at New Day are trying to send him to his grandparents on the coast.

While the Sumners face difficult situations with individuals, they face their own set of problems, as well. They recently moved from what they term their “dysfunctional home” with black mold, peeling paint, dangerous wiring, a fake 220 electrical plug, and no hot water, to a house across the driveway with exactly the same floor plan, but with none of the above predicaments. Their two previous landlords were Christians and they were totally unprepared for one that lied, was greedy, stingy, and unresponsive. The new house is $50 cheaper, and has garden space!

An incredible blessing is a lady from their church has committed to helping Elaine visit two nursing homes that Elaine has been ministering in for the past two years. The Ecuadorian is taking responsibility for this work. She recently preached from the Word, and brought three other women from the church with her to pray for the elderly people.

While learning a great deal about the culture through some trials, the Sumners have realized that “All things work together for good, if we love the Lord, and are called according to His purpose!”

New Day Foundation is encouraged and blessed by the support, love, and prayers of its donors!

Click this link to partner with Steve and Elaine Sumner: Project #102-9458



As part of Dr. Edley Moodley’s Intercultural Studies class at Lee University, the seniors visit the offices of World Missions for a time of familiarization with its modes, financial structure, and interaction with missionaries—some of whom are retired, some on furlough, and others currently serving on the field, but are home fund-raising.

During one of the sessions, the students were asked to respond to the question: “Why is it important for you to take the Intercultural Studies class?” The responses were inspiring, encouraging, and eye-opening … making it clear that some extraordinary future missionaries may be among those who attended.

Following are some of their excerpts:

The call of missions was stamped on my heart from an early age. My general dislike for school led me to apply to missions organizations, trying to get ahead of God instead of seeking Him. I am so humbled and grateful to be at Lee U. I want to ‘Study to show myself approved!’”   (Hannah Vickery)

We have a safe place to dialogue and debate various situations and their possible solutions relevant to missions in 2017. All my classes leading to this point would have the potential to be meaningless without principles and practices of missions being the thread that ties everything together.”   (Shabanna Osborne)

This class is important because it goes beyond the textbook!”   (Danyale Ford)

Both biblically and practically, it is clear being a missionary is not something you can just ‘do’ without proper training and preparation. Why would we expect anyone to trust his spiritual life to someone who is untrained?”   (Nick Eckert)

The Lord has shown me how important education is when it comes to His work. We don’t want the ‘blind leading the blind.’ I truly want to grow into who God has called me to be.”   (Taylor Doan)

Without this class, I would be lost in my major!”   (Catherine Wilson)

As one can easily read, God has some choice servants among these students, and World Missions looks forward to their future missionary journeys.


Chairman Gary Sears called the World Missions Board members to prayer around 10 am (EDT) on September 13, 2017. The objective of the prayer was how to minister in tangible and spiritual ways to members and friends of the Church of God in the Caribbean and the USA who were affected by Hurricane Irma. Included is also the concern for the devastation caused by the massive 8.2 earthquake in western Mexico.

The World Missions Board met to address the critical need to respond to global disasters.

The Director of World Missions, Dr. David M. Griffis, reported to Board members present in the room, as well as those connected through video conferencing and by telephone. Several Board members were personally affected by Hurricane Irma, with at least one having no electricity and limited to the charge on her cell phone.

First, a report was presented of substantial amounts of aid already given for Hurricane Harvey and the Caribbean recovery. Due to the generous advance giving by World Missions partners, Dr. Griffis shared the funds which are immediately available. The Board took action to work closely with relief agencies, such as Men/Women of Action and Operation Compassion.

Information and reports were shared from Ishmael Charles, field director for the Caribbean, and Otoniel Collins, field director for Latin America. Just in the last days, information about the massive destruction in the Caribbean has come through media outlets. The earthquake in Mexico, an 8.2 magnitude, was also masked by imminent danger to the U.S. In both cases, lives have been lost and others may be affected through exposure—a need for water and medical aid is imperative.

The World Missions Board invites all believers to join in prayer and in action. Your gift of whatever you have will be used of God, even as the little boy’s lunch was blessed and multiplied to feed thousands.

Partner online:





1.800.535.9343 or 1.800.345.7492 during EDT office hours to give.

Thank you for caring for God’s children who need your help!