The venue for the office Christmas party was a converted barn. The rustic interior has a large lighted wooden cross at one end, and lining the walls are huge, live, brightly-lit Christmas trees. The ambiance is inviting and warming.

I was seated at a table that bordered closely on one of the trees, and from it emanated a wonderful, woodsy fragrance. It completed the atmosphere and added to the holiday experience.

As I sat there enjoying the festivities, it suddenly struck me … what kind of fragrance do I have when others are close to me? I’m not referring to perfume or lotion or anything such as that, but what about the presence I create:

  • Is there a sweetness of kindness?
  • Is there an aroma of the authentic?
  • Is there a scent of peace?
  • Is there the smell of a well-lived life?
  • Most important, is there the essence of Christ?

As those brilliant lights shone on the trees, does my life shine too bringing joy and hope into others’ lives, assuring them there is great satisfaction in Christ, our Savior?

Christmas is about the spirit of giving. Perhaps our gift to Him would be letting more of Him permeate our lives and leave a lasting “fragrance”!



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