emma%27s-kids-williamKapondola William is a product of Emma’s Kids in Zambia, Africa.

Coming from a very abusive situation and eventually orphaned, William has been at the orphanage and school for 12 years. He completed studies through Grade Seven at Emma’s Kids Christian Academy and is now in a private school. William achieved number one status in Grade 10 at the Eagle International School!

Because of its reputation for quality education in the community, the Zambian government has given the academy five teachers to assist in teaching. Emma’s Kids was begun when Missionaries Rodger and Saundra Wikelund realized the great need to rescue children from the streets in one of the poorest nations of the world. Many of Zambia’s children are orphaned as a result of AIDS. Emma’s Kids provides residential care and education for the children in the compound and has a feeding program for others in the community.

An investment of time and nurturing in the life of a child has produced a blessed harvest from the seed planted.

Project Number 715-0116