Peter Thomas, field director for the Church of God in Africa, recently joined Christopher Sabale, prayer coordinator for Africa, along with other leaders in the nation of Botswana for the first-ever All Africa Day of Prayer.

The call to prayer rose from a decision made by the African Council and national leaders at a Continental Congress last year. Thomas noted, “In light of the challenge before us, the battle for the continent of Africa, the massive need for evangelism and church-planting, we must pray—and we must pray as never before!”

Last year, in Zambia and Togo, national overseers and prayer leaders gathered for prayer mobilization and training. Fifty nations across Africa were involved in the All Africa Day of Prayer effort. Churches, prayer leaders, and intercessors in the United States and around the world are encouraged to continue praying for Africa.

No one realized when the initial date was set that it fell on Easter Sunday 2017. Thomas reflected: “For us, it was a good day—we prayed for a kind of spiritual resurrection across Africa, that the forgotten continent will be visited by God with a mighty spiritual awakening!”