Parachurch Missionaries Jeff and Emily Weimert serve in the Philippines.

Jeff recently had the opportunity to travel to Boracay with two of his mentors where they taught natural farming methods to over 35 local farmers. One of the mentors is a Christian businessman.

The team also taught the farmers how to establish a market for the natural produce they will grow. Boracay is a major tourist area, and features a world-famous beach. Obviously, the resorts and restaurants lacked access to fresh local produce, and the produce they do have access to is expensive and is transported from great distances.

The farmers were introduced to the resorts and restaurants, and were able to establish a connection to meet both needs … the farmers needed a way to sell what they produce and the resorts needed fresh local produce. God always makes a way.

The agricultural training is used to reach into communities that may be closed to the Gospel. In teaching this farming method, a local pastor has gone into several communist and Muslim communities. They gladly open their villages to him, and he uses the Bible as a means to teach. In some locations, the pastor has begun Bible training and theology classes.

The Weimerts want to continue to reach these communities and to see them transformed.

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