We all remember those younger years at school when sides were chosen for competing teams, and one person was always picked last. It didn’t feel good to be the last one chosen.

You can be a part of a “winning team,” and you’ll not be the last one involved!

For numerous years, the Christ’s Birthday Offering is promoted at Christmas in conjunction with the year; i.e., this is 2017, so the offering is $20.17. These funds prove invaluable for relieving suffering and despair around the world during disasters and crucial circumstances.

You might think, “My small amount won’t do much,” but that’s the beauty of being a “part of a team.” Your amount placed alongside multiple others can accumulate into a great quantity of monetary means that can bring an overwhelming result in helping those caught in horrendous situations.

International World Missions Director Dr. David M. Griffis and International Assistant Director Dr. M. Thomas Propes thank you for being a part of the “World Missions Team.” Together we can do more than can ever be imagined.

Project #020-0803