Of Course You Can!

Many people think there is nothing they can do to support World Missions, and the thought of supporting a missionary seems to be overwhelming. Well, it’s NOT! Allow me a moment to explain. It is not just about money.

What a Ministry Partner Is Not

 Becoming a ministry partner does not mean you have to be rich, give away every cent you have, or pack up and leave the country. This is simply a lie the enemy wants you believe. Supporting world evangelism for the Christian should be as easy as breathing. There really is something that everyone can do.

Not Sure Where to Start?

 First, pray. Ask the Lord to direct you and He will. Need suggestions for a missionary to support? Contact our office or visit our website at www.cogwm.org.

This is part one of a five-part article series on Can I Support a Missionary? Yolanda Guy has been part of Church of God World Missions for over 30 years. She truly ministers through her work in Donor Relations. Donors – she has your heart; Missionaries – she has your back.